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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Revealed! How To Acquire An Easier Bachelors Degree

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By Bud Whitney

With the outlook of the economy and the high unemployment rates, it is no wonder that many are considering a career change. But changing careers not only takes courage, it takes a qualified individual. There has never been an easier time than now to get those qualifications by getting your degree. But who has time? Maybe you are asking yourself, what is the easiest way to obtain a degree?

These days it is possible to get a degree in a much faster than traditional degree time frames. There are some benefits in getting an advanced degree as fast as possible, because the less time you spend in school, and the faster you get to back to work, means that you will start making money again, and usually more of it.

If have any previous training at either a vocational or technical program, you may be able to turn your certifications into accepted credits. There are some colleges and universities that will acknowledge this training as an acceptable form of general course requirements. Cashing in on your previous training means a shorter degree obtaining program.

Another advantage when entering a college program is to take and pass tests offered through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). These exams offered through this program cover subject material that is typically covered in lower level courses. By being able to 'test-out' of these courses, you will gain the credits of associated classes without having to actually take it. This reduces overall class time.

Career changes mean that you have already worked for a time in another career. You have essentially attained life experiences that cannot simply be tested. But these experiences translate into knowledge that some schools may recognize and allow you to use this as collateral for approved credits. This can also shorten the timeframe of the degree granting process.

Make sure that you look into the quantity and availability of online courses. Taking courses online is one of the best ways to speed the college experience. This is because they are usually tailored to your own personal schedule, so that you can finish them when you are ready. However, some of these courses are only offered at the same time as traditional courses, and you may not be able to take more of them in a shorter time period.

The fastest way to earn a bachelor's degree these days is through universities that are nearly entirely online. These universities boast an accelerated degree programs where they propose full degrees in time frames that are much quicker than traditional universities. However, one should be wary of this type and absolutely verify the appropriate accreditation from the Council for Higher Education.

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