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Monday, February 14, 2011

How to Pick A Keynote Speaker For An Event

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By Thurman Mitch Owens

Whether you are planning an event, or a conference you may look at hiring a keynote speaker. There are several speakers at most events and conferences. A keynote speaker is the most important speaker. Just like a main band at a concert!

The reasons for why you are trying to find a keynote speaker depends on lots of different factors. Who's coming to the conference? What sort of people are they? Are your clients business people? Are they members of the public? Are they part of a niche of any kind? As an example, you might have sales people attending. Think, would a sports speaker match their needs? On the other hand, what about a sales speaker? What about a motivational speaker to gear up sales staff?

Selecting the right keynote speaker can be difficult. There are two main ways of finding a keynote speaker. How about going direct? Say if you needed a sports speaker, you could find their agent. The majority of keynote speakers will have a website. Find a contact by typing their name into Google.

Don't pick a speaker too quickly

Why choose the first speaker you find? Speaking and after dinner speeches is a growing industry. Imagine all those sports celebrities that make a career from after dinner speeches Thinking again about choosing a keynote speaker, research and research again your speaker For example, you don't really want a speaker that makes blue jokes at an event arranged for children!

Narrow down your speakers

A shortlist of about five or 6 would be good. Now you at least have some choice. You can contact each speaker then and ask about about their pricing and availability.

Why use an agency?

You could use an agency. Agencies specialise in sourcing keynote speakers. Not only can they do all the arrangements and negotiations for you, but they can also pick the right speaker for you. This kind of help is vital. You can explain to the agent what kind of event you are planning, and instead of you having to go away and research, they will find the right speaker for you.

Organising the event

Good organisation is the key to any successful event. A reliable speaker and strict itinerary are a must. Ensure you have the relevant contracts. Think if your speaker didn't turn up on the day of the event! Going through an agency minimises this risk

Whether you are organising an event or conference, try and enjoy the day. And try and not to forget- picking the right man or woman for the job makes a good event.

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