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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do You Have "Bellevue Neck"?

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By Dr. Michael Weir

Have you ever noticed that certain people with certain jobs all have similar personality's for the most part? Like accounts, computer programmers, and so on. The same holds true for the way that certain jobs affect the spine. Computer jobs for instance create certain poor postures in the neck. I see this every day in my office as a Bellevue chiropractor! In fact it has become so common here in Bellevue WA, that I have named this type of neck a "Bellevue Neck".

The reason that computer jobs do this to the neck is all mechanical in nature. If you wrench a structure into an unnatural position and then keep it there for long enough, its going to stay there. This is what happens to the neck and head.

In neurology we call this process plasticity. Think of your spine like a piece of plastic, bend it too far and it will get stuck there. On the positive side of things, you can also bend things back to their normal position with the right treatments.

Bellevue neck is when the head drifts too far forward over the shoulders and normal curve in the neck is lost. This is bad, because it causes undue stress to the entire body, and over time can actually create pain and discomfort.

Just this week I had 4 people come to see me with the effects of Bellevue neck. One was having headaches, two were having middle back pain, and the fourth was having pain in her jaw. As a Bellevue chiropractor I assess if you are a candidate for chiropractic care and help reverse the damage that a strait neck has done to your body.

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