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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Overall Purpose Behind Mind Movies

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By Phoebe Whiteside

The creation of mind movies is simply a tool to help those who wish to use the concept of the Law of Attraction to make life improvements. However, some find that they have difficulty concentrating on their overall vision of how they would like life to be.

Based on the movie and the book "The Secret", the Law of Attraction can be used to create an ideal life in one's mind, utilizing thought to influence chance that attracts the positive aspects and makes good things happen. This concept sort of promotes positive thinking as something that can ultimately change one's life for the better.

This type of positive thinking requires heavy concentration to remain focused on those positive thoughts. If one wants to send out the exact, well targeted thoughts to the universe, he or she must be well in tune with what exactly the ideal concept of life is in his or her mind's eye.

For those individuals who cannot seem to keep their focus on one main path that they would wish their life to take, mind movies are the perfect tool to guide these thoughts towards a more accurate vision. For some people, seeing is believing, and mind movies allow these people to literally see their goals taking shape by way of a movie so that their thoughts can remain focused on the changes they would like to happen.

Think of it as having a solid plan, where the exact specifications of your dream house and your dream car are actual mental pictures that you have downloaded into a movie that you can actually see with your own eyes. The mind movie helps to keep this visual impression in your thoughts and thereby leads you towards that positive outlook in life that will change the course of things, leading you to the right people and circumstances that can gradually help to realize this vision.

Mind movies are the perfect tools for keeping your mind in tune with the universe and all its positive energies that are vibrating and waiting for that signal to travel in the right direction, straight into your life's path. The concentration and focus that may be difficult to achieve on your own is relatively made easier by taking these concepts and making that mind movie of your perfect life concept, after which, it is all just a matter of waiting for the powers that be to take you there.

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