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Monday, February 28, 2011

Free Marriage Counseling Is Available

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By Areelitaha Joahlanski

This short article is an introduction to where you might be able to obtain free marriage counseling. Of course, if money is no object, you can and should be looking for the best marriage counselor you can find. Trust me when I say a divorce, especially one where minor children are involved, is worth saving if at all possible. But getting back to free marriage counseling: the cost of marriage counseling - especially for a couple that is fighting about money - can be prohibitive. But that doesn't mean there's no help available. There is help out there and this is where to look.

Were you married in a religious ceremony? United Church? Roman Catholic? Presbyterian? Jewish? Muslim? Religious organizations deliver thousands upon thousands of hours of free (or pay what you can) marriage counseling every year.

Catholic Family Service is the one of the largest non-governmental family service organizations in the world. In North America Catholic Family Services delivers over twenty thousand hours of free marriage counseling every year. If you were married in the Roman Catholic Church and you are in need of marriage counseling, contact your parish office or simply look in the White Pages.

In the Jewish community Jewish Family Services organizations are established on an as-needed basis and are run entirely from within the local community. Counseling services offered tend to be extensive. As with Catholic Family Services, the organizations identify themselves with the name of the organization followed by, "of ..." If you live in Cleveland, for example, simply enter "Jewish Family Services of Cleveland" in any search engine and the correct website will pop up.

The Islamic Circle of North America is a social service group dedicated to establishing Islam, "in all spheres of life." The ICNA, though its ICNA Relief USA arm, offers marriage counseling and other counseling services through Muslim Family Services.

Other faiths all have there own marriage counseling services, though most are not as organized as Catholic Family Service, Jewish Family Services or Muslim Family Services.

For couples who were joined in a civil ceremony, it is noted that, like churches, governments have a vested interest in stable families, and an even more pressing interested in assisting unstable marriages. Contact social services in your municipality to find out what service might be available for you and your spouse.

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