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Thursday, February 17, 2011

How To Pick Up Hot Women - 5 Tips!

Posted by patrick

By Charlie Jackson

Here's a small number of tricks i'll show you to help you pick up hot women! Just be accountable with these tips as they'll transform your life if used correctly! Anyway without further ado, here is how to pick up hot women.

1. Look Your Best - Looking your best when you are out and about has more than a few plusses! Firstly, looks do count quite a bit no matter what you have read. You don't have to be good looking but it helps, you can still easily know how to pick up women as long as you are well groomed! So be well groomed! Next, if you look your best you will feel more positive, which will make her more attracted to you than your looks ever shall!

2. Go Direct - If you have never tried going direct on a woman then you really should try it! You will make her day and stand out immediately! Just go up to her and say "hey, i saw you from over there and i just had to come over and say hi, as i think you are beautiful!"

If you've never done this then you're missing out on one of the great experiences life has to offer!

3. Dont Hesitate - If you hesitate the instant will quickly go by! It only take five seconds and its over with! You'll end up talking yourself out of it. Just do it!

4. Be Ready - Be ready with a transition! The easiest way to transition and the most effectual is by being real and noticing something about her that you in fact like and follow up your opener by complementing her on it!

5. Practice - That is the most part of it, there is more but i could tell you all the strategies in the world and they will mean nothing if you don't put into practice. So give it a go the next time you see that girl!

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