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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Super Self Help Marriage Guidelines.

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By Areelitaha Joahlanski

Pinpoint problems- It is absolutely essential to pinpoint the problems in your marriage and overall relationship before you start looking for successful self help marriage tips at "Save My Marriage Today" Solutions are so much easier to find when you know what the problems are that need solving. Couples are often not objective about marital troubles and would rather blame one another or avoid the subject totally, thus also leaving the problems to breed and accumulate underneath the surface.

When to call in a counsellor- A counsellor should be called in sooner rather than later especially when couples deny the existence of problems or take part in any shape of form of blame shifting. Counselling is top priority in households suffering from conflict resolution problems.

Objectivity- When deciding on a marriage counsellor it is imperative to realise that you need not use only Psychologists or Ministers in other words qualified professionals. As long as the person is good listener, honest, trustworthy and objective in their feelings towards the couple as well as in his or her overall opinion, they will be suitable to handle the matter successfully. Old married couples are excellent counsellors. They have the knowledge and experience to give you advice and guide you on a range of situations and problems they have had personal experience of during their martial life.

Half full and empty- No matter how tuff or frustrating the situation your marriage is facing, you should view the glass as half full and not as half empty. All situations have pro's and con's. Draw up a list and you notice that the positive outweigh the negatives significantly.

Open you heart and mouth- Open you heart and mouth and tell your partner how you feel. A lack of proper communication is often to blame for problems in a marriage. Bottled-up sadness or hurt cannot be turned into happiness and healing without communication. Share your feels, emotions, fears and expectations with your husband or wife. Misunderstandings can also be avoided by just practicing honest and open communication techniques.

Take time- Take alone time for yourself as well as with spouse. A little time apart will help you realise how special the person is to you and how much you miss him or her. While on the other hand spending time apart may have the opposite effect of causing spouses to drifting apart or loose touch with their partners' feelings and needs. It is absolutely essential to spend quality time together even if it only via appointment. Enjoy the time together. Avoid arguments and fighting as well as any subject that have to possibility of leading to conflict. Find more fantastic hints to save your marriage at "Save My Marriage Today".

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