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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Resources For Masonry Restoration Indiana

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By Lori Davis

Owners of houses or buildings made of brick or stone in the Hoosier state may need the services of contractors skilled in masonry restoration Indiana. Even those who have a do-it-yourself attitude toward repairs can find a lot of information on this topic from the postings of organizations, manufacturers, and contractors involved in this industry.

Help can be needed for inspection - to make sure property is in good shape or to catch problems before they become serious. Checking online can be the first step if a do-it-yourself homeowner wants to learn what is involved or where to get supplies and equipment. If repairs are needed to a structure, professional help may be the best choice. And, if a property is historic, knowing the traditional methods and materials that will retain the integrity of the structure can be critical.

Masonry is the most durable of building materials, and by definition means construction with brick or stone. Most contractors will work with block as well. However, these materials, with a life of a hundred years or more, are usually joined with mortar, with a practical life of thirty to forty years. Most repairs involve problems with the mortar or with the foundations of buildings. With dry-wall construction, which means put together without mortar, repair is generally a process of reassembly that require expert craftsmanship.

Do-it-yourself inspections and repairs require some education as to what to look for and what routine maintenance do do in order to maintain the integrity of the structure. There is a lot of information online, both DIY guides and general discussions of matters relating to historic preservation and maintaining walls, foundations, and chimneys. Education is important, so you won't use cement to re-point an old building with lime-based mortar, for instance, or use the wrong tint in the mix, leaving all patching glaringly obvious.

Indiana has a great organization for all those interested in this type of construction, called the Indiana Concrete Masonry Association. With manufacturers, and suppliers as voting members and architects, engineers, and contractors as non-voting members, this state organization is dedicated to promoting the industry in public awareness, safety, best operating practices, and innovations. You can check to see if a contractor is a member and therefore bound by the by-laws of the association.

The ICMA is affiliated with the national organization for the industry and works with Ball State and Notre Dame University. It also works with building and fire code committees of local governments and is a great resource for information and guidance.

Masonry restoration Indiana may concern sandblasting away years of urban pollution or graffiti, curtailing damage from settling foundations, fixing leaks in mortar of flashing, or restoring decorative elements such as lintels over doors and windows or carved details. Check for expert advice for all your maintenance and repair needs.

Masonry Restoration Indiana

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