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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Covert Hypnosis And Dysfunctional Families

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By David Drake

Covert hypnosis is being practiced all of the time right in front of you. People are using it in relationships, advertising, and even politics. It must be fully considered that people who apply covert hypnosis in various real life scenarios do so accidentally. Their actions are hypnotic because their actions alter your state of mind to a degree that empowers them to interfere with your decision making processes.

When people use covert hypnosis techniques unconsciously, this is often the result of a person's instinctive nature to persuade and influence other people in indirect ways. A basic illustration of covert hypnosis being practiced unintentionally could be a dysfunctional family. Needless to say, a dysfunctional family is not a good thing, but this doesn't mean that there aren't powerful hypnosis secrets to learn from dysfunctional families.

Families that are dysfunctional use literally every single hypnosis technique in the book to control, to manipulate, to get needs met, and to defend against the control methods of other family members. A few members of the dysfunctional family are the controllers and manipulators, whilst other members of the family are the defenders who are trying to get their needs met. What this reveals is that even in dysfunctional families hypnosis techniques are used for different purposes.

Strangely enough, the covert hypnosis techniques that are employed by members of a dysfunctional family are not only linguistic but also strategic. Research projects have shown that members of dysfunctional families are using hypnotic presuppositions, embedded commandments, frame control, hypnotic story telling, and even hypnotic ambiguities to converse with one another. These observations have unlocked one very powerful mystery about covert hypnosis.

The secret is that in order for covert hypnosis secrets to be successfully used, that you must first have rapport with the individual whom you are trying to persuade and hypnotize. The greater your rapport with someone, the greater your capacity will be to effectively influence and persuade them. Because of this dysfunctional families are very good at using hypnotic forms of communication, because the members of the dysfunctional families have strong rapport with the members of their households.

Many covert hypnosis experts neglect the need of establishing rapport. This means that they try to use covert hypnosis techniques to influence and persuade people without first using their hypnosis techniques to get to know people so that they be able to establish rapport with them. There are a lot of techniques that hypnotist use to build rapport with a person, but the most powerful technique is to create agreement between you and the individuals whom you are trying to persuade.

By observing dysfunctional families and how they communicate, Dr. Jonathan Conrad Groves was able to comprehend covert hypnosis on much more deeper levels than it was ever previously understood. Just like television evangelist and public speakers, dysfunctional families are using covert hypnosis tactics to influence and persuade people every single day, whether or not they are aware of it.

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