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Friday, February 18, 2011

3 Techniques To obtain a Girl's Attention

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By Chase Chandler

Some guys have it easy for them, while others are struggling to get noticed. What is it with these men that girls are attracted to them that easily? Do you have the same aura or do you happen to be one of those who will do anything to have a girl get a second look at you?

Well, you are in for a surprise. Your first thought is all about the physical looks, right? It matters too but you have to look past that to see what is essential. For girls to notice you, develop traits that are far from being superficial.

To be more specific, these so-called factors are actually abilities that have to be developed or enhanced. These are knowing how to take full control, communication and respect.

Communicate and Connect

The primary ground to lure women is communication, which ironically, is not seriously taken and is not done appropriately most of the time.

Girls usually assess guys on how they present themselves by the way they talk. The first five minutes of communication is deemed as crucial in analyzing how confident a guy is with himself. Apparently, girls are attracted to good communicators since the latter is synonymous to being confident.

With confidence, you can easily attract any girl you want. To enhance it better, develop your communication skills for girls to pay attention to you.


Respect for oneself, as well as the opposite sex. If a guy treats himself with utmost respect, then most likely, he treats girls similarly. And it is foolish to believe that a girl does not want to be treated as such.

Honor yourself and anyone around you. This will make you more noble and attractive. As you know, girls have high regard for men who have dignity, pride and respect for themselves.

Taking Control

You must have a good hold of yourself not to follow pretty girls around. If you want to be impressive, take control rather than losing it.

Instead, have it the other way around. Let girls chase after you. As this happens, you instantly become in demand to many. And girls find it attractive when a guy is desired by many girls.

You do not have to be born with some special force to lure girls towards you. To attract girls is about developing some abilities and taking control. It is knowing what your potentials are and using them for good causes.

And apart from the mentioned ways to get girls attention, you also have to be aware of what works and what does not. Remember, everyone and every situation is different. It is vital that you pay attention to details and personalities.

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