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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Dream Board Will Open the Door to Even your Wildest Desires

Posted by patrick

By Steve Charles

If you are one of the growing numbers of dream board fans you will already know, trust and use the manifesting power that even the simplest of these boards has.

More and more people are becoming attracted to dream boards these days and probably because of what great motivators like John Assaraf said about them in the book and the movie called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. In the movie John, a leading force behind The Secret, actually describes how he manifested the house he now lives in by using a simple dream board; the actual house though, not a similar one!

But never mind about a strong believer, leader and motivator like John for a second, even ordinary, everyday people are also achieving amazingly powerful results by using their boards too. But remember, these things need to be used correctly; that means having accurate images along with powerful 'present tense' affirmations and making sure you devote at least a couple of times each day to really take time to concentrate on them properly.

There is nothing new about Dream Boards or vision Boards as they are also called, they have been around since the time when cavemen, all those years ago, drew images of wild animals on the walls of their cave before setting off to hunt them for food. This was the simple process of creative visualization followed by informed and positive action.

Think that's making it all sound too simple? The idea of what you see in your mind you can achieve in reality? Because really that's all there is to it - powerful thinking followed by informed action. That's what brings about those amazing results and makes even the wildest of dreams achievable!

Maybe that is simplifying the whole process a little, but in a nutshell what happens is this; when you look at your dream board you see a whole collection of your chosen images of things you really want in life whether that's good health, great relationships, a ride on a steamboat, a set of new designer clothes, a shed full of money or whatever it is that turns you on. Those images set off an unbelievable charge of feeling and emotion inside of you.

From there an amazing process takes place; the feel good factor you get from looking at those images fills you with passion and desire, which is the very first stage of manifesting. This beautiful feeling of want urges you on into taking positive action, and that's so important because wishing and hoping alone is simply not enough. Your thoughts and aspirations need to be coupled up with positive action and that's where so many people fail with manifesting.

Imagine if you never had a vision board and all you had was a thought at the back of your mind that one day you really could do with a new car; what's going to turn that thought into reality? It's almost impossible to keep focused on a single desire or want with all the distractions that we all have every day of our lives. There is almost nothing to make you focus, desire and take action in order to get your hands on that new car, is there? All you have is a fleeting thought at the back of your mind.

Guess where this is leading yet? If you take that thought of a new car and turn it into an image of your ideal, brand spanking new car, put it onto your dream board and focus on it twice a day, it's not going to be too long before your desire almost power-forces you into doing something about making that car yours as quickly as possible, agreed?

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