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Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's On Your Mind?

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By Jamie Sue Tan

Stress is a part of our lives whether we like it or not. We should learn to realize that stress is a necessary part of our lives. Without it, or without problems in our lives, we will not mature mentally. It is man's obligation to face and solve problems; while another unfortunate truth is we create them too. Stress can push us to do things that we may not be able to do in a relaxed state. The fight-or-flight mechanism gives us more energy, stamina, and concentration to handle situations that we consider as threats.

Our mental growth is not just through solving problems. The way we cope, and the methods by which we fail also helps us grow. All of this depends on how each of us perceives the situation. How we see and approach things are heavily influenced by the way we think. In the same sense, how we think heavily influences the impact of the stress management that we do. Regardless of how effective your stress relieving techniques are, if you are consciously or subconsciously dwelling on the problem, you will never achieve total relief.

This may be the reason why a lot of people tend to complain that most or all of the stress relief techniques they have tried does not seem to work or even make things worse. Typically there are two types of thought patterns during times of great duress, negative and positive.

Ask yourself some questions. Do you think too much of "what if" questions? Do frequently think of worst case scenarios? These are typical mindsets of people in the negative category. Are you a happy-go-lucky person? Are you the type that can always expects a light at the end of the tunnel and working your butt off so you can get there quicker? This would be the second category. If you think you are in the second category, good for you. Stress relief would be easy for you to achieve. If you think you are in the first category, act now.

Changing you perception to things will take a little bit of time. You would also need to let go of your pride since you will have to admit that you may be looking at things in the wrong way. This will not happen overnight, but be patient. The sooner you recognize what you're doing wrong, the sooner things can get better.

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