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Friday, November 27, 2009

How To Build Self Confidence With Ease

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By Trevor Johnson

The question of how to build self confidence is an issue that has been around for an eternity. For as long as people have interacted with others, the need for oneself to feel assured has been a constant concern.

In this article, I will look at the many different ways in which a person can increase self-confidence. I will touch on a variety of methods in hopes of assisting those in need.

Success: Finding something that you are good at can help you with your overall level of confidence and improve your feelings of self-worth. If necessary, start small and work up, Praise yourself even if no-one else does!

Maintenance: Taking care of yourself is one way to feel good about who you are. This includes good hygiene, grooming, and an up to date fashion sense.

Seeking out positive acquaintances: Friends who are complimentary are certainly preferable to those who offer subject you to excess criticism.

Eating and drinking healthy: Avoid large amounts of sugar and alcohol and - of course - caffeine. Ingesting healthy items will improve your energy, and attitude. Also, this type of lifestyle can defend against a premature aging.

Physical fitness: Proper exercise can improve your mood, help to rid you of excess stress, and improve your overall physical appearance. If the idea of visiting a gym doesn't appeal, even just walking a bit further will help. Or use the stairs rather than the elevator.

Attitude: Thinking positive thoughts learning not to obsess about things in life can also improve confidence. Being more relaxed will lead you to accept who you are with greater ease. Also, an easy trick to improving your mood is simply to smile more. People will react more pleasantly to you, and you in turn will be a more pleasant person.

The suggestions above are many and may prove to be daunting for those looking to improve their self-confidence. However, by following these guidelines, people can not only become more self-assured, but can transform their lives into a more positive way of being as well.

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