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Monday, November 9, 2009

Easy Techniques to Increase Reading Speed

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By Kim Allarie

It's an established fact that anybody can learn to increase reading speed with the willpower to improve, the desire to try different methods, and the will to practice. The rate at which you read can only be increased if you understand what you're reading. You will merely require good vocabulary and comprehension skills in order to boost your reading speed.

When you learn to speed read, it is essential to increase the speed at which you read without lowering the ability to understand the material. If you read faster yet don't comprehend what it is that you're reading, you really haven't made any improvement at all. You will have to learn to read more quickly while taking in what you have read, and most adults can learn to do this without any difficulty.

You will find that many things can contribute to a slower speed of reading. If you don't practice reading, your speed will be much slower, as will the concern about not taking in the material you're reading. Regression is another issue that causes slower reading speed. Regression is when you are re-reading things needlessly, whether it is involuntarily or not.

You might be limited in your ability to read word to word, or you may possibly have trouble identifying particular words. Some readers have problems with their eye movement. If your eye movement is flawed you could have a problem keeping your eyes focused on where you are reading; your eyes may want to wander all over the page. This can make for slower reading habits.

Steps to Improve Reading Speed

There are four basic steps to follow in order to improve reading speed. The first is to merely have your eyes examined. Secondly, you will will need to get rid of the habit of pronouncing words as you read them. The third step is to concentrate on principal words and meaningful ideas as you force yourself to read more quickly. The last thing that will make you read much slower is regressing. If you're regressing while you are reading then you are re-reading everything you just read.

Here are one or two useful guidelines to help you boost your reading speed. The first tip is to review the material before you start reading. Look at the heading of the material and the names of the chapters, and go over any material that might be pertinent to what you are about to read. While doing these things, try to boost the speed at which you are reading. If you need to understand a certain part of the material, you will need to slow down your reading speed to make sure you comprehend what you are reading. But if you are reading a section you are knowledgeable about or that you will not need to know then you can read much faster.

If you practice these techniques, you ought to be able to get results in your attempts to increase reading speed, without compromising your comprehension of the matter.

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