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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Advantages of Taking Skiing and Snowboarding Gear on Rent

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By Kevin Gillett

So, you are planning to go on a snowboarding or skiing trip but you have still not made arrangements for your equipments. While buying your gear is a more convenient option, it is also too expensive. If you have never done skiing or snowboarding before, then renting the gear may be a more feasible option for you.

Hiring the snowboarding or skiing gear is much more affordable than purchasing the new one, especially if you cannot spend several dollars on purchasing them. By renting these equipments, you will also not need to carry them all over your trip in your car or on the plane. You never know what your body will be like the next year. It may go slimmer or fatter and can you really afford to buy a new one every year. Keeping all these things in mind, hiring the equipments is undoubtedly the better option than purchasing a new one.

Once you have decided to get your equipments on rent, you have to reserve it much before going out for your trip, especially if you are going out during the peak season. If you wait till the last minute, you will need to search a lot for the appropriate equipments and sizes.

If you have decided to rent the equipment at the mountain itself because you do not want to carry your gear all up to the mountain, you need to arrive at least an hour before you are planning to snowboard or ski. This will give you enough time to get your gear and fit in well. But if you are planning to rent it elsewhere, it is good to get the gear at least a day before your schedule.

The type of ski and snowboard equipments that you hire depends upon the weight of your body. The gear has to be of the right weight and your shoes should be of the right size.

While signing the contract for hiring the equipments, the company will also offer you insurance over the gear, the cost of which is usually a single dollar for a day. This comes to 3-4 dollars for one trip. This cost is much less when we compare it to hundreds of dollars we will have to spend if we damage the rented snowboard or ski.

All the above mentioned tips will help you in deciding which snowboard or ski equipment to hire, so that you can go on our adventure with everything ready.

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