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Thursday, November 12, 2009

God Will Meet Your Needs

Posted by patrick

By Ann Shorb

I just celebrated a birthday. One of those milestone birthdays that gets lots of attention. You know, as I look back over these years, I can see one thing that stands out so clearly over all the many years and through the many places I've been - the faithfulness of God. I think back to a time when as a child of eight years old, I realized I was lost and needed a Savior, and I committed my heart to Jesus Christ.

Only a few short years later I felt a clear calling from God to work towards a lifetime of service as a missionary. I hardly knew anything about missions at the time, except that missionaries told others about Jesus and the Bible. At that time I was 10 years old and I turned my life over to the Lord.

All through those teenage years I vacillated a little bit, not knowing exactly where I wanted to go, or what I wanted to study, or what I wanted to be. But I always knew God had His hand on my life and had given me a special purpose. As I went off to college way back in the 70's, I decided to study Elementary Education so that I could prepare to share the Lord Jesus Christ with others in a foreign country.

When I went to college I met a man and fell in love. We both knew that we would be serving in missions after we were married, and we wound up in Africa. Those days were full of adventure and the unknown, which was exciting for us. But it wasn't always positive or fun, things were quite difficult at times.

There were personal struggles, challenges with being away from family and friends, and the political situation did not always seem stable. Through it all God was faithful to us without fail. Everything we needed, whether it be food or clothes for our new born, was provided to use even though it had seemed impossible.

When it was time to move on from Africa we returned to the States and then headed back to the mission field as we went to France. Throughout all of of years and through the many trials that we have faced, God has always been faithful.

After being in France for a few years we moved on and returned to the States where we have been for more than 20 years now. God was not only faithful to us when we were serving overseas, but He has continued to meet all of our needs since.

It reminds me of the song lyrics, "Great is Thy faithfulness, O God, my Father. There is no shadow of turning with Thee. Thou changest not, Thy compassions they fail not. Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me." As I look back on my life and see the things that He has done for me an my family I can certainly say, "Great is Thy faithfulness!

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