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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Becoming A Remote Viewer - Are There Really Any Secrets?

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By Jason Faux

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to be the remote viewer, especially if you have never taken a remote view or at least remembered being a remote viewer.

A remote viewer can see anything anywhere and at any time. You're not limited by distance or even by time! You can see into the past and observe the earliest dinosaurs in the Triassic era or look into the future to see how the world will be in a few decades' time as well as what's happening on the other side of your block right now.

Anyone in the world can be a remote viewer however, for many they seem to have forgotten or lost their extra senses of perception. There are many different types of extra senses that the majority of humans have let go to waste or perhaps they never had the opportunity to learn more or practice their innate and natural mind powers.

Remote viewing often takes place with the remote viewer focusing on a target which they are completely unfamiliar with. In remote viewing studies, subjects practices remote viewing with no frame of reference as to what they would be viewing other than a codeword referring to the location's coordinates on a map unknown to the subjects.

However, this does not mean that you cannot remote view in an area that you are familiar with although you are not in that location at the time of the practice or test session of remote viewing. Many governments have poured millions of dollars into investigating the power of the mind such as remote viewing. Remote viewing is a term that falls under the umbrella term of paranormal or psychic, as does lucid dreaming, astral travel and other psychic abilities.

Remote viewing really isn't as odd as it may seem when you first hear of it. It's something which every single one of us can do as long as we work to develop our latent psychic talents. Once you learn how to access these mental capabilities, you can use your abilities as a remote viewer anytime you like.

What Do You Do To Enhance And Develop Your Natural Remote View Abilities?

Remote viewing, like all other psychic abilities are based on your mind power. You need to condition your mind to use its untapped potential and there are several different techniques which can be used to learn remote viewing. Meditation and guided visualization can help you to achieve the necessary state of mind to use remote viewing.

Remote viewing begins with relaxation. You need to relax both mind and body; try out different visualization techniques and meditations to find what works the best for you. Like developing any skill, it will take some time to become a remote viewer. Be patient and keep at it and you'll progress step by step.

When you're practicing remote viewing, choose a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Since you need to relax and focus your mind in order to remote view, you'll want to be certain that you won't be interrupted as you train yourself to use your natural remote viewing abilities.

As you practice, take notes on your results in a notebook. This remote viewing journal will be very helpful to you as you track your progress towards becoming an expert remote viewer. Make notes of your exercises and any images which you see as you attempt to remote view. Your notes can help you decide which techniques are bringing you the best results.

Every human being has these natural psychic abilities, though the numbers of those who actually work to develop these abilities so that they can be used is comparatively small. With the proper training, these latent abilities can be brought to the surface and learned to the extent that they can be used at will.

When you're a remote viewer, the entire universe opens its doors to you. You can see into any place at any time and explore distant galaxies or even find out what's going on next door. There are no limits to what a remote viewer can see; everyone can benefit from developing this inborn sensory ability.

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