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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Life Is Better When You Are Healthy

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By Winston Forsythe

Although people have always been concerned with their health, it has never been the kind of movement that we are witnessing today. Possibly because we have more access to information, we can spread our health remedies with anyone willing to listen, and we can do it in an instant with the speed the internet brings us.

We are exposed to new health fads almost every day. There is always somebody telling us that a certain berry is the answer to all our problems, or the new way to do a sit-up will solve our problem of obesity. It takes some serious effort to sort out everything that is said in order to focus on the legit.

I happen to be somewhat of a healthy person, so I pay attention to what is out there. I look at it all, from creams to lotions, vitamins to drinks. I have found that some things fill voids in my life and warrant continued use. Some products however, are not worth the bottle used to hold them.

Of the new things I have tried, I have really liked a few of them, including acai juice. I even started a little experiment where I would drink someone every morning and test how I felt from that point on. I was quite surprised to notice that I felt tons better. I just felt more invigorated every day, and my energy lasted longer.

I also really like a new product that allows you to do pull-ups in your very own home. It just rests on the top door frame while you rip out the pull-ups. And as we all know, we have to take care of our exterior just as much or more than our interior. Without the exterior, we have no interior.

The third item I have found that I really like is essential oils. Young Living Essential Oils, founded by Gary Young, is the company that sells these oils. I have found their claims that the oils have healing powers to be true. They have soothed my body and mind to a great degree since I started using them.

And the last spot on the list belongs to the wonderful healing powers of vegetables. Vegetables aren't some new creation from a laboratory, but they offer unmatched benefits. Personally, my favorites are green peppers, broccoli, and raw spinach, but there are plenty more good ones too.

Life is different when you purposely try to be healthy. You feel better in the mornings, and that's something huge since most people are dragging when they come into work. Not only that, but your energy lasts all day long. I encourage everyone to pick a few ways to become healthier like I have. You won't regret it.

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