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Monday, November 23, 2009

Reinventing Your Image

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By Rachel Quilty

Reinventing Yourself

Have you all ever wondered what is real and what is not? There is a time in everyone's life when they begin to question everything in existence, even themselves. When people come to that point, it usually signifies that it is time to start again. People change constantly throughout the course of their lives. You all will probably never meet somebody who has stayed the same from the time they were a teenager till the time they were a fully grown adult with their own established values, beliefs, and morals.

It is normal to go through a period of questioning and change. For many, the process of reinventing themselves does not occur until they are in their late 30s. Some reinvent themselves much sooner than that. In almost all cases, something happens in a person's life that causes them to open their eyes and personal appearance at things differently. It doesn't necessarily have to be something bad. It could be the birth of a child or an inheritance.

If you have ever attended a high school reunion, you most likely didn't recognize a good bit of people. When people are teenagers and young adults, they are easily influenced by their circumstances and peers. They will often dress the same as everyone else and sort of follow the pack. When you see someone years later, they may look different, speak differently, and not dress the same as before.

When a person reinvents themselves, it is literally like they are a new and improved individual. One of the things that someone can do to reinvent themselves is to look at their life. Ask yourself if this is where you want to be. Look at the people in your life as well. Your job also has a big impact on who you are.

Some people have said, if you all want to change your circumstances and life, you all must also change your people, places, and things. Meaning that it is easier to make a few changes in life if you all want to reinvent yourself. Decide what it is about you all that you all like and do not like. Write down these things down on a piece of paper.

Think about the ways in which you wish your life was better. Take a look at all of your bad habits, and make it a priority to break them now. Write down one spiritual goal, one physical goal, one financial goal, and one mental goal. If you can think of any more goals, write them down also, but beware not to write down too many because you do not want to become overwhelmed. Once you have composed a list, think about the things you can do in order to reach those goals. Also write down any other obstacles in your way.

Fool-proof your plan. If there are any obstacles, think and imagine of ways that you all can overcome them. Is there anything else that could get in the way of reaching your goals? If so, then do something about it now. You all should also keep a daily journal of your progress. Write down down something you all accomplished every single day that helped you all get closer to reinventing yourself. For example, if part of your overall plan is to lose weight, write down down that you all walked a mile. If it is to make better money, then write down down your efforts of creating a new and improved resume.

Most of all, you must stay positive. Anyone who has ever reinvented themselves never came out with a negative attitude. Believe in yourself and visualize that everything you want is already yours. The more you believe it has already happened, the sooner it will happen. Take time out each day to meditate upon what it is you want. Really sit down and believe all of it will come to pass. Think of yourself as a new and improved individual. If you do this, it will all come naturally and easily.

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