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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tips On How To Stay Motivated

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By Ted Johnson

Have you every wished you could take back an action and produce a different result? You can't take actions back, but you can take control of future actions. All actions are a result of emotion; emotions arise as a reaction to a thought. If you think you can't do something, change your thought about it and you will begin to feel differently. Our thoughts are the powerful driving force behind our actions. So, motivation begins with a thought. Your job is to distinguish whether what you perceive is real or an emotional response to what you believe is real.

It is human to respond when the going gets tough by going the other direction. We want the easy way out. The path we choose, however, will have an impact on our future. We will either be challenged to overcome or we will drawn into negative habits which are unhealthy and bring undesirable results. Even when the path of least resistance feels right and comfortable, it usually is not.

We must stay motivated and active, producing positive outcomes in our lives, to do that we have to identify what drives and motivates us. Eliminate anything negative. Negativity is not a motivator. I asked a successful friend the secret to his success and he told me, "I do that which strengthens me" - Bob McMinn. That's a good policy by which to live.

Your mind is powerful, powerful enough to conceive things which you perceive and believe. The power of your mind is unfathomable.

Dark clouds come in times of hardship and trouble. You must fight the urge to feel helpless against this darkness. If you allow it to, this will become a negative force that will begin a downward spiral. What you want is a positive flow in your life for positive results.

Synchronicity enables the fusion of happy events into a happy life. Once positive energy becomes a part of your life it surrounds you and blesses everything you touch. The Law of Abundance will begin to bless you. It is worth it, therefore, to take time to learn to control your thoughts and emotions out of which flow your actions. As positive energy becomes a driving force you will find your motivation returns.

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