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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tips For Improving Memory

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By Michelle Rudge

Do you have what seems to be a complete lack of ability in the area of remembering things? When you have finished reading a book or magazine do your find you can't remember any of the specifics but only have a general overview? I have been just the same, and it's the reason why I'm writing here. You'll be pleased to know that you can actually begin the process of improving memory just by some simple exercises. Your brain is just like any other part of your body, if you don't use it, it will lose strength and agility.

Some researchers say that we are all born with a photographic memory, it's true that we are certainly all born with an amazing ability to absorb information, develop and learn. As babies we utilized a larger portion of our brain but as we got older, we use it less and less and we consequently use less of it's capacity. But it is possible to strengthen the neural pathways and train ourselves to use more of our brains capacity.

To get you started on improving memory, here are just six simple steps that you can utilize every day to exercise your brain. It may take a bit of getting used to, but the benefits are well worth it. 1. Pay attention - in order to remember something properly you need to have absorbed the information in the first place. Recognize that while reading or listening you may need to remove distractions from around you. 2. Learn what your learning style is and use that when absorbing information. So if you're a visual learner you will do better if you can see what you're learning as opposed to just listening to an audio. 3. Use all your senses - or as many as possible. Even if you are a visual learner, you will benefit from being able to hear or feel what you are learning as well.

4. Relate any new data or information to something that is already familiar to you. Like visually connecting the name of a woman you have just met with your favorite flower. 5. Get organized. Nothing helps with your memory as much as being organized with a diary, address book or notebooks. This frees up you mind to concentrate on the important things and makes you more relaxed. 6. Keeping a positive mental attitude is of utmost importance. This allows your brain to expect success.

No one can 'make' you improve yourself or 'make' you become a better person, except you. So if you've made it this far, it's because you want more than what this life currently has to offer. If you're on a path to improving memory it's because you want to learn faster, retain more information, comprehend better, be more knowledgable, develop new skills, get a promotion, appreciate art or music or literature. The reasons for improving memory are vast, yet so personal. But gaining all these benefits starts with you taking a step.

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