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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fun Facts on How to Write Goals That Will Successfully Affect Your Life and Business

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By James Franklin

No matter what you are striving for, there are a couple of easy things to learning how to write goals that you can actually achieve. These tricks will succeed regardless of whether you want to lose weight, walk a 5K, or tone up your out of condition arms. These actions to achievement are to make your dreams possible and as precise as possible.

If your goals are not realistic, then you are assured to fall short no matter what you do. When you at the end of the day realize you have failed, the defeat can be devastating.

Let's take weight loss as a case in point. If you state you would like to lose thirty pounds by the year end and it is already mid-November you have practically no chance of truly attaining that goal. When the year end arrives you will be dissatisfied no matter how much weight you did manage to lose.

A sensible choice may be to say you want to lose 6 pounds in that period of time. This is something that could actually take place, and in fact you could lose some extra pounds and do better than the goal.

Your chances of victory are much higher with the lower, more practical goal. Yet, it still doesn't hurt to persevere with the hope of losing a few extra pounds in your mental view. This may motivate you to work harder, increasing your chances of success all the more.

If you attain your goal of six pounds you will feel successful, but if you reach the higher mental goal you will feel an added surge of satisfaction. Either way, you come out a success.

So, how do you track your progress and gauge success in the end? The second tip is to make sure your goals are as explicit as possible.

Think of our prior example of losing six pounds by the end of the year. A generalized goal may be that you want to look exquisite on New Year's Eve. There is very little here by which to measure progress.

To get unambiguous, you should revise this goal to say you want to lose 6 pounds and fit into a specific dress for New Year's Eve. As long as the dress size is realistic, you can now measure progress by trying on the dress occasionally and you will know accurately when you meet the goal.

These two tips to implementing how to write goals that end in success depend on your knowing accurately what you in fact want. Once you know where you want to go, you can set exact and realistic goals which will eventually lead to that destination.

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