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Sunday, November 1, 2009

How Many Muscles Should One Work Per Gym Session?

Posted by patrick

By Will Rice

I've been lifting weights since high school, and that's been well over a decade now. I love the clarity of mind that a good gym session gives me, and feeling stronger definitely contributes to my overall energy levels and well being. It never hurts to be a little stronger too, as I'm sure that's done some good things for my confidence levels, even if I don't realize it.

When I lift weights, I usually follow a pretty consistent workout routine. You might do the same if you use a gym. Like many, I wondered for a long time whether my workouts should target one muscle or two muscles each time I go.

The best way to determine the answer to anything is to test each possibility. This is what I've done in the past, as I tried many different combos.

When I was doing two muscles per weight lifting session, I would typically have a three day rotation before starting all over again.

There are some good things about doing things this way. Very often, I'd end up working important muscles like my chest and legs twice in a week, which was great for muscle growth.

It wasn't all great though. I didn't really enjoy spending so much time in the gym, and I also wondered about the risk of exhausting my muscles by working them so often.

Recently, I decided to change things up by switching to a six day rotation. I just work on one muscle group each visit to the gym, which allows me to do some more sets and get a better workout in.

What it all comes down to in the end is how this all impacts the body. There's good and bad to this approach. The good is that you can really get away with it, as long as you make sure you're getting to the gym more than every other day. The bad is that if you fall behind, your muscles may suffer for it.

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