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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Peru For The Gay Traveler

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By Howie Holben

Gay vacations usually are used to take time away from the worries at home. They also give us chance to be adventuresome and active, or to just lay on the beach and sleep the day away. However, some people expect more from their vacation or travel experience.

More and more people seek more harmony and peace in their lives. They expect more from their time away than just temporary relief. They want to seek out a deeper meaning for being alive. If you are one of these people, gay adventure tours to Peru's Sacred Valley may be exactly what you're looking for in your next vacation.

Peru's Sacred Valley is in the heart of the Andes Mountains. The surrounding villages are known for their Inca ruins and the mystical powers these places are reported to contain. In the Sacred Valley you can truly find peace, serenity and a chance to reflect. An exeperience you will remember.

The Kamaquen Retreat Center is known to be wonderful place to stay while visiting the Sacred Valley. The staff at Kamaquen is adept at brining their guests close to the Andean people, spirit and culture. The center's goal is to their guests find a bit of themselves while exploring the Sacred Valley.

No spiritual journey to the area would be complete without ascending the mountain to submerse yourself in the wonders of Machu Picchu. The epitome of spiritual energy, Machu Picchu offers soul stirring views, the kind that leave you breathless just by witnessing them. It also boasts magnificent and awe inspiring architecture that lies in complete balance with the sacred geography of the region by encapsulating mountain views in the windows and doors of the village as well as using intricate stone work that mirrors the surrounding mountain landscape.

At the summit, there are also many temples you can visit for that perfect meditation spot and you can take part in ceremonies designed to honor the sacred landscape. The spiritual journey aspect of gay travel vacations to Peru can yield incredible personal benefits that can also positively affect all other components of your life.

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