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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Understanding The Remote Viewing Methods

Posted by patrick

By Adam G Lake

Remote viewing methods and techniques will vary. However, remote viewing is an innate ability to see or view a particular object by simply using the power of the human mind. It is somewhat likened to having an out of body experience or astral travel. Even so, they are not really the very same things. They are your natural psychic and extra sensory abilities of perception that you can develop into a skill.

Remote viewing is a natural ability which is latent in every human being. When you learn to use this talent, you can view objects which you would not ordinarily be able to see from where you are.

Remote viewing and its methods seem to many to be something entirely new age when all along it is just like many other issues that are considered paranormal as they are actually older than the time of the first breath of the first human.

Remote Viewing by Any Other Name Is Still Remote Viewing

Take for example someone receiving some sort of psychic signal which does not have another individual as its origin; we would term this person a clairvoyant. When there are two people sending messages directly from one mind to another, we call this telepathy. Similarly, when a parent just senses that their children need help even though they may thousands of miles away, we often chalk it up to parental instincts.

As long as you keep an open mind about things, you can enjoy a new and enhanced perspective and even an expanded set of psychic senses to compliment your physical senses. When you let your natural psychic abilities come out, you can see the world in an entirely new way.

What Is Involved In Various Remote Viewing Methods?

Learning to remote view begins with getting into the proper mental state. You'll need to have already practiced your inherent psychic abilities or learned some meditation and visualization techniques to reach the state of relaxation needed for remote viewing.

When you practice guided visualizations and meditation as part of your remote viewing methods, you will be able to concentrate your mind power and focus more intently on any area or subject you wish to view. It does take time and practice so remain patient with your endeavours while remaining diligent in your determination for being receptive to images or messages that you may receive.

There are also aids you can use to help you develop your ability to remote view. These resources include books and audio recordings.

Some remote viewing methods work better for some individuals than for others. You should try out several of them in order to find which of them is the most helpful to you as you learn to use your remote viewing abilities.

Trust yourself and go with your instincts. Especially at first you might have images come to you which don't make sense - be patient; these images may come together later on. You'll also find that the images you receive while remote viewing will become clearer the more you practice.

As with other types of training, no matter the field, it is beneficial to begin small and work upon the steps and precepts as you progress from one lesson to another. Therefore, you might want to begin by selecting about six or more simple and clear images. You can draw, make or purchase cards or photographs for this.

Place these graphics in an envelope and seal. Then you can use them to practice and test your abilities. Make sure you record your practice and testing sessions in your remote viewing journal.

Be patient with yourself and your results while you are learning and practicing various remote viewing methods and techniques. Before long you will notice that remote viewing does become easier and you will enjoy being able to see what you want to see when you want to see it.

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