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Thursday, November 5, 2009

3 Bad Types of Men That Women Should Avoid

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By Boris Gustov

Despite the fact that most girls are warned very early in life to watch out for certain categories of men, it can prove hard to put that advice into practice. It seems that it's usually the worst sorts of men that can be the most attractive, and this simple fact can lead to a lot of heartbreak. In this article I'm going to share a few types of men that you should certainly avoid for the sake of your poor little heart.

The obvious first choice to mention due to of the vast amounts of hearts he has crushed is the player! Ironically, players can often be the most fascinating sorts of men initially, and turn into the most negative for a woman's happiness. Relationships with player types just about always end with a heartbroken and hurt woman.

You're probably wondering what a player's motivation is for breaking a woman's heart. The truth is that a player is not setting out to break a woman's heart. Instead, a player typically just isn't considering the woman at all. He only thinks of himself, and uses women for his own selfish gains, whether it be status or his own ego. While players can be deceptively charming and alluring, remember how much it hurts for your heart to be broken and you'll see why you should stay away.

While a player may seem like a "bad guy", in the wacky world of dating sometimes even a good guy can be bad. I'm talking about men who are actually too nice. I'm sure you know the type! These sorts of men don't make you feel like you're with a man at all. While their constant adoration and affection can be cute at first, eventually their groupie-like behavior will become a major turn off. It can be very tempting to give these men a chance, but in the end, you need to realize that you need to be with a man that you can both respect and be attracted to for the long haul. That's the only way it will ever work.

The third type of man that you want to avoid is the kind that think they are your father. These men seek to dominate and control something in their life, and can often cause you to feel more like a "pet" than their woman. You know that this is not what you want, so look for the warning signs and get out of these sorts of relationships before they even begin!

Now that you know the three types of men that you should avoid, make sure that you keep these profiles in mind and do a little bit of screening when you begin to see a new man. Most men will hide their true nature initially, but strong personalities always leave clues. Find them and move on; you don't need any more heart aches in your life!

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