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Friday, November 13, 2009

Are You Some Kind Of Jealous?

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By Benedict Perez

As a destructive force in relationships, jealousy is a form of insecurity which becomes detrimental to marriages especially when they become out of control. Feelings and emotions brought about by jealousy usually arise out of irrational fears of danger and doubt regarding certain aspects of life. And typically it is about that anxiety that one might not be loved enough by the other.

Stated more clearly, the green eye effect is normally based from implausible reasons or dubious points. A classic example of this is the fear of being left by the other spouse for another woman. Due to this mental trepidation, the fearing spouse will be unnecessarily distraught with malicious thoughts and clouded with unpleasant ideas. And when these are spitefully articulated it initiates the launch of a barrage of questions and complaints anchored on suspicion and skepticism.

Very crucial in dealing with jealousy is not to deny the same. Rather, it is very important to embrace this feeling. Thus the first step is to accept this feeling as something normal and something that can be done away with n time. It will not be very healthy if feelings like that are repressed within oneself. It will do good if these feelings are being recognized in its entirety but to control them in such a way as not to cause unnecessary arguments.

After that, a process of introspection should be undertaken by asking oneself what are these things that is causing too much doubt and suspension. Try to decipher within oneself, search for answers within oneself as to the reasons why feelings of insecurity crop up. Often this particular dilemma deals with questions of love, of self worth, and of personal confidence.

And determine whether these fears and anxieties are anchored on good grounds or valid reasons. It is vital at this point in time to verify if these insecurity-induced emotional fracases are caused by genuine bases. And if that is the case, then resolve them bravely. If the cause is in fact your spouse, then it is wise to confer the issue with him or her in an atmosphere of open mindedness and calmness. In any event, there are sure fire pacifying ways to patch up things in order to at last put an end to jealousy and go on living strong as well as angst free lives.

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