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Thursday, November 19, 2009

How To Pick Up Girls On The Spot

Posted by patrick

By Maurice Jackson

What does it really take to have an active, successful social life where girls are not in short supply? It may be much easier than it seems right now, but you have to know how to pick up girls on the spot, wherever your life leads you on any given day. This is what most guys miss as they tend to hit on girls only in particular situation where they feel most comfortable.

The truth is, most of the girls that hang out in bars and other types of typical pick up locations are not the girls you really want to be chasing. If you want high quality ladies that are going to be worth your time and efforts, then you have to learn how to spot and approach them wherever and whenever they happen to cross your path naturally.

If you limit your selection to women in a particular type of location you are ruling out a lot of girls that could suit your interests a lot better. That is why it is so important to know how to pick up girls wherever you happen to run into them.

You can't be afraid to approach them in an elevator at work, in a hospital cafeteria, or anywhere else that your daily life takes you. Think about it: wherever you find yourself for business, school, or day to day chores there are girls finding themselves there for very similar reasons. You already have some things in common.

There is a bit of a catch to finding girls as you go through the daily course of your life. You have to always be on guard because if you say the wrong thing and turn her off, chances are slim of ever having another chance. Similarly, if you get too nervous and let her walk away, then you may never run into her again.

It is possible to learn how to pick up girls anywhere you find them in your daily life. Learning these skills will serve your love life much better than scouting out the bars and using some line you learned through a chat room or from your lonely uncle!

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