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Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Always Enlightening: Evil Spirits On The Astral Plane

Posted by patrick

By Timmy Shaw

Just as there is not one universal method for executing projection, there's also not just one collective experience that every astral traveler has or can relate to. Some people find astral projection to be the most exhilarating, amazing activity they've ever been a part of, while others have found it to be terrifying and even detrimental to their health. The results of individual astral projection experiences vary from one extreme to another simply because we do not all project the same or protect ourselves the same.

If one is referring to the involuntary OBEs, then it's completely understandable why those might be considered frightening. Looking down upon your body in surgery or your mangled remains following a gruesome accident is most definitely not a positive experience. But what about the instances of astral projection where the traveler wills their way out of their body?

Astral projection is also a form of communication, and as with any sort of spiritual contact, there's the risk of evil or mischievous spirits finding you and bothering you. Various sources on the subject offer conflicting viewpoints, so it is unclear at the moment whether or not a demon could follow someone's astral being back to their mortal body and possess said person, or if these demons could inflict themselves upon the person's home and haunt them.

Projection occurs on a slightly different plane than that of earthbound evil spirits, so if there is a risk of this happening, it is likely very small. Do keep in mind, also, that possession can only occur if the owner of the body allows it to happen. This will not stop evil spirits from approaching you while traveling, though; they can't hurt you, but they'll give you a good scare. It's still good to be on guard anyway just in case, but not to the point where your fear hampers your endeavors; if it does, you may be too scared to relax enough to initiate projection.

It has been theorized by other astral travelers that when projection occurs during sleep, our spirit guides are aware of it and can be there to protect us. But when we attempt to project of our own accord, those guides might not know what's going on and may not be there to offer their defense. Even if a sprite cannot follow you back to your body, the shock of seeing one while projecting could cause a shock to your senses that could harm you physically (like in the form of a heart attack).

Astral projection can be an amazing and enlightening experience, but caution must be taken; it's not the process of projecting that you must fear, but the other spirits who may be out wandering and looking for a random person to harass. Saying a prayer of protection against evil and danger followed by calling upon your guides to watch over you is highly recommended to all spiritual travelers prior to entering the astral plane. As with any form of spiritual activity, caution should be exercised before engaging in said motion.

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