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Sunday, November 15, 2009

How Do You Manage Anger?

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By Peter Dawson

Do you get angry sometimes? We all get angry sometimes, and that's ok. Anger is programmed into all of us as a preconditioned response to various stressful situations. But for some anger can be a real problem, and they may be in need of some anger management techniques.

Although anger is a normal human emotion it can get out of control. It can become overpowering and if this happens to you then it can affect many different areas of your life in many different ways.

It can lead to all sorts of unusual behavior. There are so many ways that someone suffering from uncontrolled anger can manifest that. Some are obvious like shouting, but some are not so obvious. For example it can lead to behavior like short temperedness, sullenness, withdrawal into oneself, chronic grumpiness and overt aggression when dealing with other people.

And there's anger that creates outward violence towards others including your family, even your children. When this happens you have to get real and tackle the problem or you're in trouble.

And the impact on the lives of the sufferers are severe. Relationships may break down completely, and they can become lonely, resentful and withdrawn, feeling like they've totally lost control of their life. And worse.

And as well as the emotional life of the sufferer there can also be serious health implications too. There is evidence that uncontrolled anger can lead to a whole host of health problems including digestive problems, depression, heart problems and stroke, insomnia, anxiety and other related psychological problems. And high blood pressure and skin problems. Scary huh?

And of course an episode is unpredictable, and there is nothing you can do about the event that triggers it. Everyone suffers the usual life setbacks and frustrations. There's nothing you can do to avoid them, they will happen to you. For some people they feel frustrated and angry, but over time that subsides and they carry on with life.

But even though you can't stop those frustrating and stressful events happening to you it is certainly possible to change how you react to them. The events will happen, but how you react is what creates the anger and frustration.

Your reaction is totally within your control. That doesn't mean that right now, understanding this, you can suddenly control yourself. But it does offer hope that there is something you can do if you know what, and how.

There are excellent anger management techniques that are available to anyone who takes the time to learn them. Different techniques work for different people, some may need professional counseling and some may be able to make good use of some simple management techniques to control their anger.

But yes there are answers to avoid your life spiraling out of control, provided you take the decision to take control of your life. You need to learn some simple anger management techniques and do what it takes to take control of your life back.

If you visit my website you'll find an anger management book full of tips and tricks to get you started on your journey towards managing your anger.

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