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Thursday, November 19, 2009

How You Can Improve Your Sex Life With Pheromone Cologne

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By Sebastian Thomas

Many men and women don't really know what pheromone cologne is and how can it help your sex life. That is quite unfortunate for the men, because it really is in their benefit. For starters, pheromones are just simply a natural chemical that is produced by the body. In animals and insects, it has been studied extensively and that made scientists look more carefully at this theory in terms of humans.

On that note, they did discover that the chemical can cause the same behavior in members of the opposite sex, just as it does with animals. In other words, it will help men attract women more easily than ever before and vice versa.

To help you understand the power of the sense of smell, this sense is the strongest one we have at birth. In fact, infants can only recognize their mothers by smell. Something else to note is the attraction between a man and a woman is often said that they have a certain "chemistry." That chemistry they refer to is a scent that attracts one to the other.

Therefore, it is safe to say that you will easily attract women by using this cologne. And, you should know that it works, based on scientific research and studies. In fact, some research has shown that these chemicals that are produced by men actually have an effect on several women's menstruation cycles.

Furthermore, it has shown to increase the sexual desire of both sexes. Pheromone cologne is an aphrodisiac. This is gaining more and more attention with the public and the media. For instance, even ABC covered this story with a study that they conducted on their own. Their results also showed that this aphrodisiac actually does what it claims to do.

The application is straightforward, just like any cologne you already have; a dab on each wrist, either side of the neck and a couple of dabs on your clothes. The attraction is immediate. You can get women you never met before or even the woman in your life to be turned on by you.

If you are questioning the capability of this phenomenon, you can easily do some more research on the subject. For one thing, there have been many reports on various news, such as CNN, NBC, and news magazines like Dateline and 20/20, all of which are trustworthy sources.

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