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Friday, October 16, 2009

You Have the Psychic Gift!

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By Tana Hoy

You were just about to cross a street corner when something in your mind flashes, faster than lightning, and you pulled back the person beside you who is also about to cross. Next thing you know, a bullet fast car passes by. Does this make you a hero or a psychic? Or both?

Of Greek origin from the word "psychikos", which means of the soul or mental; the term psychic refers to the ability to perceive hidden information from the normal senses through extrasensory perception or ESP. People blessed with the psychic gift have the power to extraordinary things like predicting the future, communicate with spirits, read minds of others, and a lot of other cool things.

Digging up for definitions in all sorts of books and dictionaries will indeed give you precise information. However, it will not give you a clear picture of how you can tell if you really have psychic abilities. Here are some examples in the most basic sense: You have a dream that in one way or another eventually comes true...You think the phone's going to ring, and it does...You know what a friend is going to say before they say it... or something way off like you take a different route home than usual just for some strange reason you felt you needed to, and you see on the news when you get home the four car pile up you missed by doing so...

Signs of these extraordinary psychic abilities may come in the simplest package just like those. People need to correct the misconception that it has to be a nerve-wrecking event or a miraculous moment to know that you have psychic abilities. Actually, everyone to some extent or degree is psychic; but they are just completely unaware of it.

Psychic abilities can be in many forms. Some people maybe gifted in Aura Reading, others may have the psychic eye or the third eye. There are even others who can have many psychic abilities bestowed on them.

Being psychic is actually a special ability. Think about it, you can read people's minds, you can predict the future, find lost objects, and there are even some who have telekinetic powers! Everyone has psychic abilities but re just completely unaware of it. Some however have higher levels of the psychic gift.

Enhancing psychic powers is easy, as easy as steps one, two, and three. Step one is to be aware and to accept it. It is impossible to enhance something you do not want to have. Step two is to meditate. You must practice freeing your mind and getting into the calmest state you can be. The last step is to think positive. Be optimistic! These psychic powers must be used for good.

Being psychic is a gift. The powers that come with it must be used for ways to help those who are in need. With psychic powers used correctly, the world would be a different place.

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