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Monday, October 5, 2009

Crank Up Relief Of Anxiety With A Massage Chair

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By Eric Nagel

Do you suffer from anxiety? Anxiety is the internal response of the body to fear, worry and apprehension. Many times one does not even know the reasons why they are feeling their anxiety. There can sometimes be physical responses such as chest pain, sweating, shortness of breath and palpitations. Although there are numerous treatment options for anxiety, one very positive method is massage chair therapy.

In cases on non-chronic anxiety, massage has proven to be a very effective method of relieving less serious levels of anxiety. More chronic anxiety involves more complex treatments. The affects of anxiety and even the lesser levels can be a great hinderance to those suffering from it.

Just thinking about getting a massage starts the process of relaxation. You think about letting the tightness of your muscles start to be soothed. As your muscles feel better, your mind starts to relax and drift off into other realms. The troubling thoughts sustaining the anxiety start to dissipate as your energy is directed back to more productive pursuits. Massage is just that type of relaxing experience that is a great counter-balance to anxiety.

What is massage therapy? It is the manipulation of your muscles and other soft tissues to relieve tension and tightness. You may be familiar with many of the more universal massage treatments. Perhaps you know about Swedish massage or shiatsu massage. There are a wide variety of techniques which target specific areas and benefits.

When you ask people what they think of massage, they think it is something for the rich and famous. However, with massage chairs, massage therapy can be brought to the masses in an affordable and effective method. The massage chairs have a tremendous base of technologies and provide effective relief of aches, pains and soreness.

While massage therapy targets the soft tissue areas and massage chairs have very effective massage therapy. They also have many other elements that compliment massage therapy. If you want to reduce anxiety, how about music? Massage chairs have built in MP3 players that help take your mind off things while your body is being treated. You can drift off to your favorite music, and get your body back in balance at the same time.

Massage chairs provide full body massage capabilities. They have roller mechanisms that provide a vast array of massages to the back, shoulders and neck. They also come with air massage systems that can provide compression and reflexology massages to the buttocks, thighs, hips, calves, feet, arms and hands. These massage recliners help your body by relieving muscle tension and tightness.

Some additional capabilities of massage chair recliners include heating elements. Heat therapy has been shown to increase blood circulation and to reduce swelling. You can also find massage chairs with stretching or traction capabilities. They can stretch out the lower body and now some can even stretch the shoulders and arms.

Looking for a massage chair can be a daunting challenge. You find too many manufacturers or really importers. You want to be careful and buy a massage chair from a reputable company. You can trust massage chairs from Panasonic, Omega or Sanyo. These are built to last and come with excellent warranty coverage. Be careful of massage chair prices that seem too good to be true.

Anxiety may be a more common symptom in our new economy. Everything is much harder now then just a few short years ago. You need to find more effective tools to cope with this new economy. Do not let anxiety and stress get the better of you! Fight back with treatments that provide an effective counter balance to anxiety--like massage. Massage chair therapy is an excellent method to relieve that anxiety and get you focused on more productive pursuits.

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