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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You Can Never Be Sad!

Posted by patrick

By Anne Yau

There are too many things that can ruin your mood, such as annoying people, bad weather, bad news, losing your earring, getting ink on your shirt, etc. You should not let these bad things affect you. Try the tips below to cheer yourself up.

1. Try to look at the brighter side of things. I know it might be hard to do so in difficult situations, but every situation exists something positive. Feel sad for losing your cell phone? May be it is an excuse for you to buy a new one. Got a parking ticket? At least it is just $25 but not a big amount.

2. Create a list of things that you appreciate, such as your family, lovely pet, health, home, job, friends, joyous memories, holidays you are going to have, etc.

3. A big laugh can make you feel good. It's not necessary for you to attend a laughing class, though these classes really exist. Whenever you feel upset, try to laugh as loud as possible! Don't let your anger cover your happiness. It maybe a bit strange in the beginning, but it really works.

4. Be optimistic. Expectations often affect the actual outcomes. If you think something will go well, it will probably be. I always expect I would be able to find a space for parking when I shop for grocery at busy hours, and I almost always do.

5. Try to save all the funny sayings, clips or quotations if it is possible. When you are sad, pick some of those and read through them, you will surely get back your smile.

6. Doing inverted yoga will be healthy for all your organs, and it can help boost your mood also. Try to do an easy pose, "legs up the wall", you can handle it very quickly. Lie on your back with your butt up against a wall, swing your legs up so they are leaning against the wall. Holding that pose and have a relaxation as long as possible!

7. Take a good rest is helpful. People always rush and rush, they try to finish the work as much as possible in a day, and then they crash into bed in order to have a sleep with more than 6 hours. However, this is absolutely a bad habit, and you can never be healthy. You should stop doing everything, but spend some time to enjoy the moment, or relax with your friends, family and pets as well.

Life is definitely not easy and we face different challenges every day. Try to be positive and avoid looking back. Whatever happened is happened. Learn from your mistakes and look forward. You will then find your life much happier and healthier.

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