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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Look and Feel Better with Whiter Teeth

Posted by patrick

By Jill Brennan

In this day and age where looking good and being presentable in any type of environment is considered a big plus, getting by on hard-work and dedication may not be enough. I'm not talking about being beautiful either. I'm talking about being clean and well-groomed. We need to do more as far as taking care of ourselves to at least look more credible as a business person or in the workplace.

I mean face it, when you see a person in the office with messed up hair and crumpled shirt or tattered jeans, you'd sometimes associate that with disorganized work ethics. Well, either that or you'd think cool and laid-back kind of a chick or dude. But point is, there is the tendency to see this negatively and there is a tendency for people to prejudge your character as either clean and presentable (which is only appropriate for the workplace) or other things which can be tied to a variation of disorganized, chaotic, unprepared and simply unprofessional.

We tend to get prejudged by people even before we get to make a legitimate first impression. Fortunately or unfortunately, our looks eclipse that. So you have to make sure that you don't fall flat in that department as well because it can be very easy to overlook or ignore that if you get lost in each busy day's work. Try to work on a style that suits you well if you don't already have one. And always, always make sure every morning before you get out of the house, to double check on how you look, if there's no paper hanging at the back of your pants or chewing gum stuck under your shoes, stuff like that.

One other clear aspect where you are immediately visible and ready to get 'prejudged' as I'd call it is in your teeth. Seeing a person's teeth every time you see them is hard to miss. It's one of the few things that stick out in people's imaginations of you especially if you just met just like what they say about first impressions. It's such a disappointment in meeting someone who you would've liked as a person but when you see their yellowish teeth, the build-up of good impressions all get shattered in one fell swoop. Getting your teeth whitened every now and again would then be a must.

So if you happen to be one of those people who are naturally born with Denzel-Washington-esque teeth and you're already covered in the dental department. In that case, good for you. But most of the rest of us have to exert a little more effort into it. And if you think you're not yet going to win or at least place in the 'most pearly whites' contest, then you might consider teeth whitening.

Nowadays, the options available at your disposal as far as teeth whitening goes is astounding. If you want to consider getting your teeth whitened. In-office whitening is still the traditional way to do it and the most prominent. You go to the dentist and he/she will examine your teeth (no need if they have your dental record on file). Then they would perform a small operation to use a gel product with a percentage of hydrogen peroxide. They'll try to isolate the gums by putting some sort of special shield gel to protect soft tissues. That's pretty much it. The other increasingly popular option is at-home teeth whitening kit. You can conveniently buy very comfortable whitening do-it-yourself strips that you can just try at home, at the office or practically anywhere. There are of course pro's and con's for each type.

You have to actively and constantly be aware of yourself in public. It might be redundant to say this anyway because you're most likely already practicing this as the rest of us but a reminder couldn't hurt. In being more proactive about your look (without overdoing it of course), you become more credible in the office and in business. In making sure that you're always presentable and your teeth are taken care of, you make sure that you are recognized as a legitimate business man or woman.

Another important and appealing advantage of this that we all know about as well is that this of course scores more points for us with the members of the opposite sex. No need to explain that one. And just in general, you'd feel good about yourself . You'd feel clean and clean means healthy so have at it. Lastly, a sparkling white teeth is never a bad thing because it can only make you feel better about yourself!

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