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Monday, October 19, 2009

My Response To Hair Loss Testimonials

Posted by patrick

By John Farikani

Ever thought that you would be giving hair loss testimonials? I never thought that that would be me. Never in a million years did I think that. Hair loss wasn't something I thought I had to worry about. My father had a full set of hair. All the men in my family had a full set of hair.

People always wondered what caused my hair to start falling out at an early age. At one time I wished I knew. It was hard to imagine what would cause a thirty year old woman's hair to fall out. Then I went to my doctor and he gave me the answer.

Ever wonder what could cause that? That was the next question going on in my mind. How could I be losing hair? How could I be telling hair loss testimonials? I shouldn't be in that category. That was when I went to the doctor.

The thyroid if it is over active can actually affect your hormone levels. When this happens, there could be a number of changes in your body. Most of these changes are bad. If a thyroid problem isn't diagnosed it could be so worse that hair loss isn't the only problem that you have. It could lead to death or heart troubles as well.

My change that happened is what my hair loss testimonials are all about. The thyroid problem that I have been having for probably quite some time was causing my hair to fall out at a quicker rate. This I didn't know could happen. I didn't know what to do and that is when I was put on a pill.

If you sense that you are having your hair fall out, then see your doctor. While you might not think twice about it, the hair loss might not be the only problem that you are having. I took my hair loss problem to the doctor and found that the problem was fixable but needed to be taken care of. Don't wait to have the matter looked at.

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