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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Growing Older with a Enlarging Prostate

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By Brad Morgan

The most widespread problem troubling men over the age of 50 is prostate swelling.

The prostate is a gland placed beneath the bladder. If it becomes bloated, it squeezes the urinary tract, causing a number of problems.

Incontinence varies from repeated urination to the inability to urinate to a weak stream or a little amount of blood in the urine. While this condition is uncomfortable, there are numerous methods available to bring down the problem and enhance the function of the narrowed urethra.

Many people with prostate enlargement do not entail surgery or even medical aid. However, if you observe symptoms, it is advisable to have a doctor monitor your condition.

If the symptoms do become spot of bother or worse, medicines such as Flomax have been created in recent years that help to shrink the prostate. They enable urine to pass more evenly through the urethra.

When you first observe symptoms, talk to your doctor. If you believe that they have become worse or more critical, do not hesitate to contact him again. It is also better that men over forty have regular prostate exams.

Even simple symptoms should be examined with an exam. This can stop them from aggravating into more severe problems, such as urinary tract infections, blood in the urine, bladder stones, or acute urinary retention. These necessitates immediate examination.

If your symptoms get worse, and you disregard it or hope it will go away, you can be doing more harm to your body. Surgery, performed through the urethra, may become necessary.

These procedures eliminate excess tissue or widen existing tissue to allow smoother course of urine.

Electromagnetically-generated heat, microwave thermotherapy or photo-selective vaporization of the prostate are all manipulated through the urethra and eradicatea select amount of tissue.

Another procedure, photo-selective vaporization, is also performed through the urethra, and helps to relieve discomfort and throbbing caused by enlarged prostates. Small slits are made into the bladder, and one famous side effect is a momentary decrease in sexual functioning.

The above procedures may still not be enough to alleviate an enlarged prostate, primarily if the condition has escalated into prostate cancer.

Again, there are surgical options if this is the situation. Transurethral resection of the prostate, or TURP, involves removal of portions of the prostate. In more severe cases, a radical prostatectomy may be conducted. This involves the taking away of the whole prostate.

Side effects of both surgeries include sexual non-function. Men may notice a decrease in sexual activity, including issues with ejaculating. more surgeries can be performed to mend these side effects.

You can prevent crucial prostate problems and health hazards if you are conscious of symptoms and take needed safety measures. It is likely that, as a man over fifty, you will endure from several type of prostate problem. Take medication before symptoms become bad.

Annual prostate tests are recommended for men over forty, and frequent doctor's visits can keep prostate enlargement symptoms under control. Prostate enlargement is a normal result of aging, but it doesn't have to severely impact your life.

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