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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Healing A Broken Heart And Getting Over The Relationship

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By Nikki Frost

Healing a broken heart starts with acceptance of the ups and downs that come with break ups. Irrespective of your actions, you have to wait for the right time for the change to take place.

Breakups can be very hard to deal with. Here are some suggestions for healing a broken heart and accepting change in our relationships and in our lives:

1- Come to terms with Realities.

When healing a broken heart after significant hurtful life events it's easy to pretend that nothing has happened rather than embracing the change and moving on.

One woman asked for help to save her relationship. The only problem is that her husband, who has been in counseling for 6 months, has repeatedly asked her for a divorce. In spite of his repeated request, she seems to be holding onto a relationship that he no longer wants to be in.

I am not to be misunderstood that I am a staunch advocate for break-up. Actually, I am a great believer in faith and rekindling lost love. What I'm trying to say is that to mend a broken heart, Susan was denying the change around her, instead of accepting that her marriage was over.

2 - Learn from it.

When healing a broken heart, embrace every relationship, every moment as a learning experience waiting to happen. Every now and then we'll lose our connection with each other and when we do, we take time to learn from what happened. We try to come up with ways to change that will make our relationship even better.

3 - Feel happy and thankful about it.

To be capable of healing a broken heart, try to grateful for everything that happens in your life. Understand that you are who you are today, as a result of your friends, family and past lovers, your experiences, and the stories that have impacted your life.

We've discovered that shifting to being grateful helped with healing a broken heart when dramatic changes rocked our lives and we think that it will do the same in yours.

4 - Look at the present and decide where you want to be in the future.

Whether you are in a good relationship and want to make it better, in an unhappy relationship, or not in an intimate relationship now, we suggest that you take the opportunity to determine what it is that you want. What's one small step that you can take to healing a broken heart and having what you want? Figure out what that one small step is and do it.

Everybody goes through drastic change in their lives, including breakups. Hopefully these steps will help you in healing a broken heart and opening up to a world of endless love and possibilities.

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