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Monday, October 5, 2009

Custom Subliminal Messages: What Are They Used For?

Posted by patrick

By Trevor Johnson

You can create your own custom subliminal messages or have someone else do it for you. These subliminal messages are designed to impact your life.

When talking about something being 'subliminal', we are actually referring to an occurrence that is beneath conscious thought; we also refer to this as subconscious. Thus, a subliminal message is one that goes directly to our subconscious, by-passing the conscious mind, so we are not aware it is happening. The message may be words, written or spoken, or images, disguised within other sounds and images that we can see and hear.

It has been proven that our beliefs, attitudes and decisions all come from the subconscious mind, and these affect how we act and feel. Normal messages enter our brain via our conscious mind, and we often filter what we see and hear before allowing it to be stored.

You can re-program your brain with custom subliminal messages, making it believe and accept anything you want it to. This means you have complete control over your belief system, which may well be holding you back in life. After all, our beliefs have come from our childhood implanted by our parents, siblings, teachers and peers; they may no longer be serving us well.

This means that subliminal messages can be used for self-improvement, but they can also be used to influence the decisions we make as we go about daily life. The marketing industry has known this for many years, and uses it constantly in advertising on TV and in print. We are not even aware of subliminal advertising because it is disguised by background music or visible images.

There are websites that will create custom subliminal messages for you, following your instructions. There is also software available for you to buy, with instructions on how to make your own. If you have something you wish to change, like fear of public speaking, lack of self confidence or smoking, custom subliminal messages may be the way to go.

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