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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Teeth Whitening Trays

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By James Matthews

In-home whitening is synonymous with tray whitening. It is performed by inserting a type of mouth guard over your teeth, which you layer yourself with peroxide. The duration of treatment is usually 2 weeks, most manufacturers don't recommend you go longer than this. The lightening effect will be gradual over the duration of treatment.

Teeth whitening trays have been around for around 100 years. Before orthodontists started getting high-tech equipment like the light emitting diode, tray products were consumers only option. Since then, their market share started to shrink.

The time committed to using these systems for two weeks plus began to wear thin on consumer's patience. Some of the tray systems were uncomfortable, so many opted for the dentist office, where they could have it done in less than an hour.

One plus to tray whitening is allowing you to control the shade of color you desire. Office visits can either be too dark or too light requiring follow-up visits. Tray kits are relatively cheap as well compared to other alternatives. Many of the tray kits also have a lower chance of side effects.

Consumers may purchase over-the-counter or from one's orthodontist. Prescription kits usually require the custom fit mouth trays. Custom fit trays will reduce the duration of the treatment due to the even contact between the teeth and solution. Your dentist may take an impression of your teeth, then make a mold to match. Boil and bite features are common in the store brands, which work similar to sports mouth guards. It will be a little less effective than the mold from your dentist, but you may not even notice the difference. I prefer the boil and bite over the one-size-fits-all brands that are still being sold.

Home trays allow for a gradual lightening of the user's teeth. The user may quite the process whenever their desired color is reached. If sensitive teeth is an issue for you, I would suggest you give this method a shot.

Carbamide Peroxide is considered to be more user-friendly. It is a more shelf stable version of the two, so it has the ability to last longer.

Hydrogen Peroxide is a strong whitening agent. Supervision is advised to apply it correctly. It should be fresh in order to deliver its full effectiveness.

Quick Summary:

-If you plan on making your own molds for trays, remember that is won't be as good as what you can receive from your doctor.

-If your teeth react to cold or hot substances, you may want a brand with a low concentration of peroxide. Some kits are made for those with sensitive teeth.

-I would only purchase from reputable manufacturers. Read some reviews online for various brands to see other's results. This is an industry, unfortunately, that is not heavily regulated. Don't buy any brand online you don't recognize, do a search first to see if it is a reputable company.

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