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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Training Tips For Pet Dog Owners

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By Richard Brown

You should train your dog to eat anywhere. You should train him to eat indoors, outdoors and in any room. Doing this will help you in future when you take the dog with you anywhere.

An important part of dog training is to train him to use the crate. Then you can carry the crate anywhere. The puppy should be trained to sit in the crate. As far as potty training is concerned, you should buy a flexi leash and train the dog to go potty there.

You should also train him not to make a lot of noise in the vehicle. He should sit there calmly. You can consider rewarding him for the quietness so that he will have an incentive to be quiet in future and will not make noise again.

Dog training sessions can help train your dog to respect you and even love you. If you have trained him well, you will be able to control him in any situation when he seems out of control.

It is highly recommended that you should not use any violence with your puppy. You can warn him by saying just "No". You can carry him to the toilet place. If he does not use the toilet sometimes, the place should be cleaned immediately.

Your dog may not stop chewing your furniture. There can be many reasons for this. He may love chewing it. You can give him some chewing toys to chew. Thus he will stop damaging your furniture and keep chewing the toys.

You can also paint some objects with substances that taste foul. Such substances are available at pet stores but you should make sure that these are not toxic. You can also use the Aversion therapy.

Obedience training has to be done carefully. Do not use complex commands that will only confuse your dog. The training sessions must not be very long and boring. You should also not use force on your puppy.

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