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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Every Little Bit of Side Income Helps

Posted by patrick

By Sarah Venetas

Are you afraid of losing your job? If so, you may want to look into earning some extra income via part time work. You never know because it can be so profitable that you can quit your day job.

Online is a new way to make money and many people are doing it with their blogs. Some even make so much money that they are able to quit their day jobs and work on their online sites full time.

The first avenue of second income people think of is part time jobs but most people don't like it. However, it's a good alternative to being unemployed and having no money at all so give it a serious look.

Consulting is actually much better than part time, because you usually set your own hours and you can charge ridiculous fees. In order to have a successful venture though, you really need to know how to communicate and let clients perceive you as the expert.

Tutoring doesn't have to be from a company. There are many people who make good income tutoring kids they know. This way, they help the kids do well in school and they make some money too.

Photography is a hobby that everyone wants to be good at. If you know how to take good pictures, teaching classes is a good way to brush up your basics and earn a side income at the same time.

Many people also do well with hand crafts which they can resell. In the old days, they do it through flee markets but many do it online these days where they can go on an auction site like ebay.

Brokers who buy and sell an asset can also help bring in part time income. From websites to jewelry to anything for sell on ebay, as long as you know what you are buying and selling, you can potentially make money.

Being a real estate agent not only can earn you some money but it helps you save money when you buy and sell your own home. In high priced areas, this can add up to really good savings.

Some people have even started a side business cooking food for others. Once they go home, they buy groceries and cook a big meal, which they then separate into containers and have people pick them up.

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