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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Applying The Law Of Attraction To Your Benefit

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By Trevor Johnson

Our screen of reality prevents us from creating and applying the law of attraction. We view the world through screens which are developed in our minds as we grow up. You can miss the benefits of applying the law of attraction if you cannot take off your screen.

Our perceptions of life make us who we are. They can make or break us. There are certain rules that should be followed if you want to apply the law of attraction. It must be emphasized that positive thinking is a must. You also need to believe in what you are doing. We know people with beliefs can change the world.

Essentially, you must start by analyzing yourself: Who you are, why you are here, and what your purpose is. This three-dimensional assessment of yourself will help in applying the law of attraction. The aim of these questions is to make you aware of your reality and the screens through which you see things and life. Two things determine the development of screens: The screens are developed either from lack of knowledge or from knowledge. You can already see two types of screens here. One screen may affect your life, what you think and what you do.

These two kinds of reality antagonise each other. One has a positive polarity and the other has negative polarity. As you will realize, a vast ocean separates these two types of reality. A person has the chance of swimming or cruising this vast ocean. Taking a cruise will lead you to new horizons. If you are in the reality of not knowing, you have an opportunity of learning.

The first step in understanding the difference is to know that an individual is part of the universe, and that an individual is connected to the universe by energy, vibrations or waves. An individual can either communicate positively or negatively with the universe.

You must also understand that since an individual is "energy or waves", energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It exists. Energy has no beginning and energy has no end. However, energy can be changed from one state to another. This applies to your individuality. You are energy. You cannot be destroyed nor created. You have no end or beginning. You can change from one state to the other.

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