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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Single Mother Grants

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By Craig Lipper

Single mother grants are given to single moms who are in need of financial help. There are many single mothers in United States who are leading a very difficult life due to financial crises. They have to work hard at work while trying to raise the children and maintain the house all on their own.

Here are a few facts which would prove that single mothers need the financial aid the most. There are only 15% of women going through a divorce who are awarded any form of court-ordered spousal support. Out of these, 34% of them never receive the dues. Not even fifty percent of women who claim for child support get the full amount.

Within 1st year of break up, the level of living of the women falls by forty five percent. On the other hand, the standard of living for the man goes up by around fifteen percent after divorce. This information shows how important it is for these single moms to get these grants from the federal government.

These grants are not much publicized by the government. Therefore, single moms will have to look for them. There are various websites dedicated for single mothers who help these women get grants. There are certain not for profit organizations which give grants as well as help women apply for grants. The simplest thing to do is to apply grants online. Even at the government's website, there is a provision to apply over the internet. This makes the life very easy since you can do this sitting at the convenience of your home.

But, it is very important to provide complete and accurate information while applying for the grant otherwise the application can be denied. Also, you need to be patient while applying for grants since this process can take a few weeks to a few months before getting approved. But the wait is worth it since you are getting grants which you don't even have to pay back.

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