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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Different Types Of Anger And Why

Posted by patrick

By Randy Roedl

Anger is a generally found amid the people in our daily life. It's a typical human response to be frustrated, raging, disturbed, abusive, and others. Angriness is conceived as a negative conduct as it may not only damage the human and human relationship, but also causing impairment to our own wellness as well. Scientists think that the more furious we are the more it will increase the price on our total health.

Anger can be classified as two large groups of aggressive anger, and nonviolent anger. While the name shows, aggressive anger is the one that scares away people . It is the most basic form of anger that comes along in the residential area. Aggressive anger commonly drives wounds to either the furious man or women him or herself, and as well to those who are close to them. Once again, hostile anger can be broken up into littler cases of angriness.

Threats are one of the common anger found in most people. It can be described as a frightening person by people around you. Threats can be seen easily as long as the angry man or women is actually acting angrily and scolding you with signs of future harming. These violent behaviors such as cursing, scolding, hand signing or finger pointing, and sounding the car horn at other drivers, are signs telling you that you are going to be threatened.

Bullying is also a form of anger. Bullying is normally found in people with advantage over the one they are bullying. One who overpowers the weaker usually causes bullying to the weaker side. Instances are like senior students bullying junior students; angry husband bullies wife; road bullies. Signs of bullying often show physical pushing, hitting, and shoving towards the weaker party.

Destructive behavior is one of the most aggressive of all. Often causes serious damage to objects, animals, and even human. Destructive behavior is often related with bullying. Those who have power do the damage after a series of aggressive and insulting action. Kicking the thrash bin, slapping the wife, throwing an empty beer can around - these are signs of destructive manner.

Passive anger is another group of anger, which is a total opposite of aggressive anger. Secretive behavior is a silent war between people with views that are not coming to a good end. Doing things like keeping yourself away from the people that you dislike, avoid talking or eye contact with them, gossips, backstab, and so on. These does heavy damage to a person's emotion and that is very unpleasant if that person is a close friend with a good bond between the two of them.

Hatred can be found in a lot of people nowadays. Commonly found in people that live in an environment that is being looked down, insulted, unfairness, and so on. This causes them to create an image in their mind that says he or she deserves better and it should not be like what it should be in reality. After effects often comes with vandalism, destruction, riot, rallying, hurting, and even harming people.

These are the types of anger that are usually found in humans. Curbing them will actually help soothes a temper down, where finding a way to curb them perfectly is a great effort and it depends on individuals on how to manage anger properly.

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