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Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to Get the Most Out of Christian Counseling

Posted by patrick

By John James

Many Americans that are dealing with struggles and challenges in their lives will choose to see a Christian counselor in hopes of helping the recovery process. Counselors help clients by looking at situations from a different perspective than the client can and by providing sound advice on how to handle the situation. Christian counselors differ from secular counselors because their guidance is based on Scripture and its teachings.

Since so many people choose to see Christian counselors for assistance, here are some tips that you can follow to maximize the impact of your time with a Christian counselor.

1. Have Consistency

The first thing you must do to get something out of your time is to be consistent. Every situation is different, but generally the counselor will suggest seeing the client for several appointments, usually at a certain time interval. If you want to get the most out of these appointments, be consistent in seeing the counselor and don't go for long periods of time without seeing the counselor. This will give you the best chance to implement the advice that is being given and to see real results.

2. Pray on Your Own

Most Christian counselors will pray with their clients at some point during their appointments (assuming the client is ok with this), but that doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't pray on your own as well. Spend time in prayer every day and ask for God's help with the issues that you are facing. Let God know that you are trusting in Him to help you through the difficult times.

3. Remain Open and Willing to Change

Human nature is to look at others and see how they have contributed to the struggles that we are facing in our lives. But rather than focusing on how others are responsible for the difficulties in our lives, it is more productive to keeping an open mind to how we can improve the situation by responding in the most effective way. Rather than focusing externally, be willing to change yourself if you realize that you are not handling the situation in the most effective way.

4. Listen

While most counselors will prefer to let the clients do the bulk of the talking, as a client you should be willing to listen to what the counselor is telling you and have an open mind to it. Avoid the temptation to go into the counseling with the attitude of knowing what the solution to the problem must be. Get the advice of the counselor and really listen to what he/she is telling you.

5. Concentrate on Changing the Things that are Within Your Control

Many of the issues that will cause you trouble will involve all kinds of factors that are outside of your control. Getting hung up on these details and increasingly angry will not help the situation if you are not able to have an impact. Rather, focus on those things that you can control, such as your own attitude and actions, and you'll find the results to be much more significant.

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