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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Italy Is A Wonderful Gay Holidays Destination

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By Howie Holben

Italy is a land of art, history, architecture, romance and Vespas. Italys exceptional scenery, rich history and deeply entrenched culture have made this enticing country a popular destination for both straight and gay travel, as well as a popular setting for books, movies and plays. Singles, couples, families and groups of friends flock to Italy throughout the year for the fashion, the food and some of the most famous art and architecture in the world. Whether your ideal gay travel holiday includes meandering narrow, ancient roads in Rome or Venice, languid drives through the countryside searching for lesser known historical sites and visiting wineries, wiling away an afternoon in a museum in Florence or experiencing Milans enticing nightlife, Italy is an ideal destination for gay vacations.

Those on a gay travel adventure to Italy will find that the greatest selection of gay clubs and bars is in Rome and Milan; however, many towns and cities throughout Italy have gay-owned and gay-friendly bars, clubs and other establishments that will be happy to welcome you during your gay vacation, particularly in Bologna, Venice, Geneva, Florence and Padua. Hotels that are gay-owned or gay-friendly are also available throughout Italy, such as Tuscanys La Quircia Rosa or Villa le Masse, which are both gay-owned, or the Hotel Porta Rossa, a gay-friendly hotel that is also the second oldest hotel in the country and an easy walk to several popular attractions, such as the Galleria dellAccademia, which is home to Michelangelos David.

There is a large gay and lesbian presence in each of Italys larger urban areas providing many options for your gay vacation to Italy, particularly Rome, Florence, Bologna and Milan, with Milan being generally accepted as the most gay-friendly Italian City and among the most popular destinations for gay vacations. Gay pride events take place throughout the country and there are a few large gay and lesbian film festivals, including the Turin International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, the Festival del Cinema Gay Lesbico e della Cultura Queer in Milan and the Florence Queer Festival.

In order to get the most out of your gay travel experience to Italy and to more fully experience and learn about the culture, history and art, you may want to consider participating in an organized tour. If you partake in well-organized group vacations or work with a gay travel agency to arrange tours for you and your travel partners, you are sure to find that knowledgeable tour guides.

Whether you go to Italy for the food, the art, the wine, the history or the legends, there is bound to be a tour related to your interests and this really is the best way to take in all that Italy has to offer. Another tip for utilizing your time in Italy well is to book museum reservations ahead of time whenever possible. Italy is well-known for its remarkable museums and this will save you from standing in some very long lines.

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