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Friday, October 23, 2009

7 Days To A Better You

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By Nate Volk

I seem to lost count on how many times I've read and heard of celebrity marriages failing almost left and right. Not that I care (and personally I don't), it seems strange that we often see movie and TV stars as flawless people, living the fairytale life of riches and glamour. I suppose we all have to stop sticking our heads in the clouds and face reality.

There are many ways to lose your sense of self-esteem despite of how trivial it could get. But whatever happens, we should all try not to lose our own sense of self.

Wondering what it really takes to be considered a cut above the rest? These are some techniques to help you improve yourself within 7 days.

1. Know your purpose Are you wandering through life with little direction - hoping that you'll find happiness, health and prosperity? Identify your life purpose or mission statement and you will have your own unique compass that will lead you to your truth north every time.

At first, it might appeal tricky. Mostly, if you encountered a dead-end in your way. Don't worry, you'll find a loophole that will turn things around and give you a new passage.

2. Know your values What do you value most? Make a list of your top 5 values. Some examples are security, freedom, family, spiritual development, learning. As you set your goals for 2005 - check your goals against your values. If the goal doesn't align with any of your top five values - you may want to reconsider it or revise it.

The number shouldn't discourage you, instead it should motivate you to do more than you can ever dreamed of.

3. Know your needs Discontentment can stop you from achieving your real goal. Hence, you should fill these holes. You might have a need to be recognized , be a leader or be loved. Whatever that is, it is best for you to attend to these needs. List down the top 4 needs you want to meet for you to move on.

4. Know your passions Are you good in dealing and convincing people? Do you enjoy doing this? If you answered yes for both, this is probably your passion. This is the chance for you to fully embrace yourself. We have no room for doubt and lack of enthusiasm.

5. Live from the inside out In this step, we will be doing the breath-in and breath-out technique. It is best to attend to your physical needs too. Let us rid of your stress by breathing in positive energy and breathing out the negative ones. Do this in a quiet and dimly lit room. If you feel like putting a classic music on, you may do so.

6. Honor your strengths List 3 of your positive traits and another 3 for the special talents you have. Don't be shy. Your strong points need acknowledgment. If you are having a difficulties, it's time to seek the help from people who are close to you. By doing this, you'll be surprised on what you can actually do.

7. Serve others This would be the application of the first 6 steps you have gone through. This is the moment where you transform those abstract thoughts to something concrete. This is actualizing your plans, making you true to who you are and living your ultimate purpose. You'll be receiving priceless rewards from helping other people, most of all from a stranger who will be happy for what you have done for them.

The journey of self-improvements is not an easy task but very much worth working for. Don't limit your experience within the four corners of your house or office. Try to reach out to other people who also needs your hand. The difference you've made depends on the improvements you made.

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