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Friday, October 2, 2009

Lose Stomach Fat Today!

Posted by patrick

By Greg Richmond

Reduce belly fat has got to be one of the most searched on terms for information regarding dieting, weight loss and getting the figure you have always dreamed of. I guess we are all agreed that nothing gives us more confidence, especially women, if you have a nice, toned flat stomach. The major problem is most people have absolutely no idea how to achieve this goal.

The reason most people will never have a flat stomach is because there is so much hype, fad diets, crazy exercise schemes and basically everything else under the sun which doesn't work. Also the actors/models they use to advertise their latest "must have" equipment have probably got naturally flat stomachs anyway. Keep on reading and I will hopefully blow away a few myths surrounding the "flat belly" market and you will start to understand why you are getting nowhere.

Right one of the most annoying and biggest myths around is called spot reduction. This is where you will see adverts for special diets and exercise plans that claim to specifically reduce your stomach fat. What a load of nonsense. Let me put it another way if this was the case do you ever see someone with a flat stomach but fat thighs. No you do not. The only way to remove fat from one area of your body is via surgery - not a great option either! If you do start to lose fat this will be from all over your body not just one particular area.

In the next paragraph I am going to tell you in three lines, yes only three lines why you are finding it so hard to target your stomach fat and get the toned abs you really want. What you need to do is understand how the human body works and work with it and not against it.

Unwanted fat is caused by Too much sugar/carbs too much saturated fats not enough exercise. Well that was easy wasnt it? The thing people have the biggest problem with is re-training their brains to learn how to actually incorporate this into their everyday world. You see most people, and I certainly didnt, know for a while was which foods are bad for you, which ones are full of sugar, which fats can actually help you lose fat, which carbs are good for you.

To lose belly fat you have to reduce your body's ability to hang onto and make fat stores. Once you realise just how easy this is and that it does not involve pills, diet schemes, or anything else quick fix the fat will begin to drop off. All it takes is a knowledge of how and why the human body stores fat and what foods to eat to work with it not against it. It is common sense and it works but the problem is we have been conditioned by the diet industry into thinking their has to be some magic secret - well there isn't.

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