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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Improving Yourself and the World Through Kindness

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By Jenn Lawlor

Everyone has heard of people doing random acts of kindness, and paying kind acts forward without expecting anything in return for themselves. The payout or payoff as many self help people would say is that they get a good feeling and make their own lives happier just by doing kind acts for others. If you are kind to yourself, kind to others, and kind and gentle to the earth, as Michael J. Chase has said in speaking engagements, your life will be better. Also your relationships are sweeter and your health is much improved.

One example of the transforming power of kindness is the story of Michael J. Chase. He hadn't always lived in a kind or friendly environment; he'll tell you it was rough and troublesome, but after hard times and personal reflection, he came upon a more positive alternative. It was life changing for him and later, thanks to his book, others have had the chance to learn about his viewpoint for kindness and its effects on the world around you.

The book, called "Am I Being Kind," guides readers and has them question their actions. Readers will learn more about themselves than they ever dreamed. They will discover that the concept of being kind involves far more than simply committing nice actions and being polite to other people. However, these acts do play a role in the overall concept of kindness. For instance, readers will find much joy in performing small acts of kindness for others, from paying for a stranger's meal to holding a door open for the person walking in behind them.

Letting someone cut ahead of you in line is another small yet kind action. It is very easy to perform these good deeds, yet the reward for committing them is huge. The helpful person feels a great sense of good and well-being, while recipients are reminded that others will go out of their way to think about and assist strangers. In turn, they are much more inclined to perform a good deed of their own, which causes a wave of kindness that moves from person to person. Greater happiness has a beneficial impact on the entire world. Spreading positivity gives a feeling of joy to all involved.

So if you're having a bad day (or week or even an unfortunate month), make things better today for yourself and someone else by being kind to them. Whether it's a friend or a complete stranger, you'll soon discover the life-changing effects kindness can have. With a little luck, everyone else will catch the same feeling and create it for themselves and others by the same simple acts. It's then that everybody benefits with improved outlooks and that special feeling of satisfaction inside for having improved another's day (and possibly life).

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